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3D Virtual Sex Games Hot List (2019)

Goddess Lynxxx Explores 3D Virtual Sex Games

Welcome to the 3D Virtual Sex Games Hot List From Twisted Elation

  • Do you want to hook up for casual virtual sex?
  • Are you looking for some long term virtual sex fun?
  • Do you want a good time without having to meet anyone?
  • Do you want to make your sex fantasies come true in a virtual world?

Any of those scenarios are possible with the right 3D Virtual Sex Game or Simulator.

To help you find the right games, we have started to put together a list of Virtual Sex Games. We are creating this list based on what we think are great virtual sex games in 2019 and beyond. Also, I know we are saying this is a Sex Games List, but we have also included 3D Sex Simulators to this list.

Although 3D Sex Simulators may not be considered games, they are in a virtual world environment that satisfies sexual needs. So, we felt it was fair to include them in this list.

Using this list is pretty straight forward.

To learn more information about each game, just click on the Game Name.

We have also included the following information about each game:

  • A short description
  • What platform you can play on
  • If they work with teledildonics (sex toys like fleshlight)
  • Basic Cost
  • And lastly, if we have a review of the game at Twisted Elation, you will be able to click on the site review link.

Please be sure to check back often or bookmark this page. We are frequently updating this list and will continue to do so until we have run out of relevant quality games to add to this list.

Happy Virtual Sexing and Sexting!

3D Virtual Sex Games List

Game NameShort DescriptionPlatformSupports Sex Toys$Site Review
3DXChatMultiplayer Online 3D Sex GamePC and OculusYesMembershipNo
3D GirlfriendsSex Simulation Role Playing GamePC
3D GirlzSex SimulationPCYesMembershipNo
3D KatieSex SimulationPCYesMembershipNo
3D NicoleSex SimulationPCYesMembershipNo
3DGayVilla2Sex Simulation Roleplaying GamePCYesFree Download
In Game Purchases
3DGoGo2Interactive Strip SimulationPCYesFree DownloadNo
3DSexVilla2Sex Simulation Roleplaying GamePCYesFree DownloadNo
Adult World 3DSex Simulation Roleplaying GamePCYesMembershipNo
Chathouse 3DMultiplayer Online 3D Sex GamePCYesFree DownloadNo
Hentai3D2Sex Simulation Roleplaying GamePCYesFree Download
In Game Purchases
Red Light CenterMultiplayer Online 3D Sex GamePCYesFree Download
In Game Purchases
Juliet Sex SessionInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Venus HostageInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Nemo's WhoresInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Night PartyInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Anal MastersInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Princess of ArdaInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Pirate JessicaInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Grand Bang AutoInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Games of Lust 2Interactive Adult 3D Sex GamePCYesMembershipNo
Dream Sex WorldInteractive Adult 3D Sex GamePC and VRYesMembershipNo