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Twisted Elation

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Twisted Elation: A Formal Introduction (2019)

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Goddess Lynxxx of Twisted Elation on the bench for a Formal Introduction

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Welcome to TwistedElation.com!

Thank you for your interest in Twisted Elation and TwistedElation.com

Twisted Elation – Exploring Online Adult Roleplay and 3D Sex Games and More!


I’m Goddess Lynxxx, The WebMistress here at TwistedElation.com

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The lovely Goddess Lynxxx wait to give you a Formal Introduction to Twisted Elation
The Lovely Goddess Lynxxx In Second Life

More About Twisted Elation

What is Twisted Elation

Twisted Elation is the brainchild of Goddess Lynxxx.

She, like most of us, has a Real World life but she also adores her online 3D Virtual World adventures just as much, in particular, 3D virtual world sex games and porn.

She is a lady with many kinky proclivities and wanted a place where she could persistently be her Virtual Self and connect and share with others as Goddess Lynxxx. So, in June of 2019, she started TwistedElation.com

She created TwistedElation.com for three Main Reasons.

The three primary reasons are as follows:

  1. She wanted a place to share her past and present experiences, and her passion for Online Adult Roleplay, 3D Sex Games, 3D X porn and teledildonics.
  2. A place to inform, share, and explore, for others, the world of Online Adult Roleplay, 3D Sex Games, 3D X porn and teledildonics.
  3. To create an online community with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Playing alone can be fun, but sometimes it’s better to include others.

Where did the name Twisted Elation come from?

There is a long story behind that question so for now, here is the short answer.

For Goddess Lynxxx, 3D Sex Games and Online Adult Roleplay games along with all of the other 3D stuff bring her a great deal of pleasure. And at some point, she started saying that she gets a sort of Twisted Elation from her online activities. From this expression, the name of the website was born.

So, when it comes to the name, say it with joy! Let your freak flag fly!

What Can I Find on TwistedElation.com?

TwistedElation.com offers the following:

  • 3D Sex, 3D X Porn, and Online Adult Roleplay Games
  • News and Reviews as it relates to Online Adult Role Play Games
  • A Community Forum dedicated to Online Adult Roleplay and 3D Sex Games.
  • Fetish Specific Content as it relates to Online Adult Roleplay and 3D Virtual Sex Games. (Coming Soon)
  • And last but not least – a section dedicated to Goddess Lynxxx. This section of the site is specifically designed to share her online adventures. It also features opportunities to participate with Goddess Lynxxx, in a variety of Virtual World Adventures. Check out more by following the link below.

Do you have any upcoming plans for TwistedElation.com?

Hey, Thanks for asking!

In the days, months, and years to follow, we will be adding more and more content and features to this site. Besides that, there are two other projects underway.

Subscriber Newsletter: One of the first projects is to create a Subscriber Newsletter.

If you would like to be one of the first people to keep up on the happenings of TwistedElation.com please join early and get on our mailing list by submitting your email.

As soon as we are ready to launch our newsletter, you will be the first to get in-boxed.

Merchandise Store: This project we hope to launch soon. Stay tuned!

You never know what kind of freebie you could find in your inbox! Don’t ever miss out on what we have going on at TwistedElation.com and sign up for our newsletter.

Subscribe above or at the bottom of the page.

Now you know what is going on at TwistedElation.com

Now go and enjoy the site!


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